Annual Day Nursery-2023-24


Annual Day Class Nursery

The tiny tots of Class Nursery celebrated their Annual Day on 15th March 2024 with great pomp and show. The programme began with the lighting of the lamp ceremony. It was followed by the welcome speech by the school Principal, Mrs. Deepti Vohra. The theme- 'Festivals of India',  was portrayed by the youngest,yet the most confident team of Dipsites through graceful dances, melodious song and mesmerizing enactment. The vibrant backdrops, colourful costumes and the confident presentation by the  students brought smiles on everyone's faces.They were encouraged by all for their talent, teamwork and confidence displayed during the programme. The school Headmistress, Mrs. Malini K. Sengupta, proposed the vote of thanks. She appreciated the teachers and recognized  the efforts and hard work put in by the students  to make the programme a success.The programme came to a close with the singing of the National Anthem being sung in unison.