Maths Day 2022




The Mathematics department of DPS Vasant Kunj organised Maths Day for classes VI to VIII on 22nd July, 2022. Students from all classes actively participated  and had shown great enthusiasm. With best wishes from our esteemed director, Ms Bindu Sehgal and principal Ms Deepti Vohra and our Vice Principal Ms Archana Malik, Intra section activities were conducted in each class to ensure mass participation.

Class VI Sumptuous Shapes

Students created a sumptuous platter using maximum number of Mathematical Shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon etc) using consumable items.This activity provided students a platform to display their talent and creativity.  It gave them the opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts.

Students were judged for presentation, creativity, effort and nutritive value of the platter.It was enjoyed by all students.

Class VII - Fun with Integers

Aim of this activity was to make meaningful words related to Maths.

Each alphabet was assigned an integral value for which a coding table was provided. Students were judged on the basis of "making a meaningful word related to Maths with maximum numerical value. "

This activity challenged the reasoning and creative thinking skills of the students. They could recall the basic mathematical operations including Integers. It proved to be a great puzzle game for their learning and brain. Students enjoyed the team work.


Class VIII-  Tricky Tangram 

Tangram activity was performed where students learnt to make a TANGRAM puzzle set using a square paper and then designed different shapes by flipping and rotating the puzzle pieces.It helped them to improve their visual spatial abilities.Students got an opportunity to strengthen their comprehension and thinking skills. Being a group activity, both knowledge and teamwork spirit were enhanced in students. They gained immense confidence in achieving the desired image.

Overall Maths Day was a great success. The purpose to teach students basic mathematical concepts in a simple playful manner had a fruitful outcome. Students thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and their effort was highly appreciated by awarding certificates to the winners.