International Day of Persons with Disability - 2022


                International Day of Persons with Disabilities                           

International Day of Disability is being celebrated worldwide on 3rd December every year.  The purpose of the celebration is to Create Awareness and Opportunities for People with Disability. The focus is on the Inclusion of people with Disability.

This year, the theme for Disability Day is - The theme for this year is “Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fueling an accessible and equitable world.’

Let’s join hands to build a more inclusive world — spread the word and commit to action. 

DPS Vasant Kunj organized the following activities to celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities:

Monday to Friday (12th to 23rd December, 2022)-


a)    Nursery and Prep: A story telling session using the story book-My Brother’s Wheeeeeeelchair’ was conducted for the youngest members of the school in order to sensitize them towards –everyone have the same needs. The story is about two siblings, one of whom uses a wheelchair. The story speaks about the following-

·         How, irrespective of the disability, a child is able to do everything, just like everyone.

·         How little changes in the environment can help everyone learn (like having a ramp).

After the story telling session, the teachers asked the questions like why should we have a ramp? What all the boy could do?

A colouring sheet related to the story was also given to the children.

The story-telling session in each classes (Nursery and Prep) was conducted by the Class teachers of respective classes.


b)   Class I and II: During the Life Skills class, a story telling session of the story - My Appa and his sounds’ was conducted by the Class teachers of respective classes.The story is about a girl who uses a hearing aid. It speaks about, how irrespective to the disability, she perceives and compare the sounds her appa makes with different sounds from the environment. The story wasfollowed by discussing the relevant questions from the story, like-

·                How we all are same?

·                How each of us is different?

·                What was the girl wearing in her one ear?

·                Do you know someone who wears it?

·                Why does one wear a hearing aid?

·                What is your favourite sound of Appa?

          It helped the children understand thateach one of us is different yet same in so many ways.

c)        Classes III, IV and V: To sensitize the young children and make them aware about their role in creating an inclusive world, an awareness program during Life Skills class was conducted by the Special Educators, Ms. Surpreet Oberoi and Ms. Boski Sharma.

          They started the session by talking about International day of disability, why is it celebrated and what is the meaning of Inclusion. It was followed by reading a story of ‘Wheeling Away’in class 3, ‘Kanna Panna’ in Class 4 and ‘I Didn’t Understand’ in Class 5’. Each story has a specific lesson to teach the children about Inclusion.