Orientation - EWS Category


Orientation Programme EWS Category

The Orientation Programme conducted in the MP Hall for the parents of children from the EWS Category of Classes Nursery-VIII, on 30th June, 2023 was attended by 310 parents. The main aim of the programme was to make the parents aware about their rights as provided by the government, and to make them understand their implementation by the school. The Supervisors of the Junior School, Mrs. Nandita Yadav and Mrs. Meenakshi Malhotra, spoke about the rights and the curriculum followed in Classes Nursery-V. They were informed about the subjects, examination pattern, co-curricular activities in the Junior School and usage of the school almanac. The Rep. of Class VII Ms. Nirmala Sharma guided them about the curriculum various subjects, and examination pattern for classes VI to VIII. She also briefed the parents about the provision for the Remedial Classes and usage of Neverskip App. School’s Special Educator and Counsellors, Mrs. Boski and Mrs Surpreet Oberoi, spoke about the  academics related difficulties and possible practical solutions to them. They also talked about how to keep a positive mind set, personality development and importance of soft skills. They were encouraged to work hand in hand with the school staff for the overall development of their children.

It was a fruitful and successful session and was well appreciated by all the parents who attended the programme.