Transport Week-2023


Transport Week - 2023

Wheels of the bus go round and round..”

It all started with the invention of the wheel and man soon prospered from modest transport  vehicles to more advanced jets and space ships into the space!To help children learn about these various modes of transport and their utility, Classes Nursery to II celebrated “ Transport Week” from 20th Nov'23 to 24th Nov.’23. A Traffic  Park was simulated  in the courtyard where children crossed the road on zebra crossing, learnt about the traffic signal and other traffic signs, safety and rules  using picture cards. Dress Me Up show was marked with huge innovative props and creative attires.A few songs, poems and   competitions were  also organised on the theme.The  world of transport fascinated the enthusiastic children as they engaged in  meaningful and  fun- filled activities like Paper-Tearing to make a hot air balloon,Sorting the types of tranport into categories, Drawing a car, Into the space craft and Yummilicious eatable train!