Independence Day - 2023

 Independence Day - 2023

The junior school celebrated Independence Day with patriotic zeal by organizing joyful and meaningful activities for the students of Classes Nursery to V on 14th August, 2023.The celebration began with the flag hoisting ceremony followed by the various activities enjoyed by the students of Classes Nursery-II such as Dress Me Up, Flag March and Sing-Song session.An animated movie was screened in the Mini-Audi showing the meaning of “ Being Independent” and why we celebrate Independence Day. A burst of creative energies was seen when children enjoyed the tricolor food party, made the tricolor sandwich, decorated the kites and tricolor tulips. Musical chairs was fun and so were the many dance sessions.

“Jhanda uncha rahe hamara....” was writ large on our little children’s faces with pride and honour!The students of Classes V and VI brought alive the glimpses of India’s glorious past and the rapid strides it has made in the modern times through the dance drama- INCREDIBLE INDIA. It was a delight to watch the graceful dancers and the energetic performers dressed up in myriad hues, who presented a spectacular show.