DPS Vasant Kunj Gallery

Arthashastra & Confest 19-08-2023   Click Here

CBSE Maths Workshop 22-08-2023   Click Here

Annual Day and Scholar Badge Ceremony Class V & VI - 12-08-2023   Click Here

Investiture and Gold Medal Honour Ceremony Class V & XII - 01-08-2023    Click Here

Rydhun 29-04-2023    Click Here

Scholar Badge Ceremony V-VI-VII 19-01-2023    Click Here

Scholar Badge Ceremony VIII-IX-X 01-12-2022    Click Here

Investiture Ceremony XI-XII 24-11-2022    Click Here

MP Hall Inauguration 15-10-2022    Click Here

Science Fest - Anveshan 12-10-2022    Click Here