Go Green Week Jr. - 2023


Go Green Week -  2023

 Saving Earth- our mother home, is our responsibility and each one of us should do everything possible we can to protect it and create awareness. Keeping the same in mind, Go Green Week was organised for the students of Classes Nursery - II from 24th July to 28th July, 2023, with dedication and enthusiasm.


Children showcased creativity through various art and craft activities such as- Birds in a Nest, Headband, Butterflies using old paper cups, things a plant needs to grow, Collage and Poster making. The germination of seeds and corn cobs activities was a great learning experience for the little ones. The school gardener demonstrated potting of a plant as little enthusiasts watched him curiously! Hat Parade by the students of Class Nursery was a delight to everyone’s eyes. Children comprehended the essence of the theme by the rendition of interesting songs and poems such as- Green Green Trees, Pedh Lagao and poems along with the story-telling sessions about Plants - Our Lifeline.