Cleanliness Drive


Clean Up Drive

On October 2nd, 2023, in honour of Gandhi Jayanti, the Rotary Club Delhi Vasant Kunj partnered with the socially conscious students of D.P.S Vasant Kunj Interact Club for a Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan cleanliness drive. This initiative, led by teacher-in-charge Ms. Adita Saxena, aimed to raise awareness about cleanliness and promote Gandhiji's values.

 The focal point of this cleanliness drive was our very own school premises. The students, ever vibrant and driven by a sense of responsibility towards their environment, joined forces with the experienced Rotary team to take part in this impactful endeavour. Their collective enthusiasm was palpable, as they dedicated themselves to the cause of cleanliness and community betterment.





The spirit of this initiative resonated deeply with the principles and values upheld by Mahatma Gandhi, whose birthday we honour on this day. Gandhi Jayanti serves as a reminder of his unwavering commitment to cleanliness, and it is heartening to see the torchbearers of the future generation carrying forward his legacy through such noble acts of service.


As they diligently worked to ensure the tidiness and hygiene of their school surroundings, these young individuals not only paid homage to the Father of the Nation but also imbibed the invaluable lessons of responsibility, civic duty, and community engagement. This event, with its collective efforts and noble intentions, undoubtedly added another chapter of positive impact to the annals of our school's history, aligning perfectly with the spirit of Gandhi Jayanti.


From Rotary Club of Delhi Vasant Kunj

President Archana Doval

Secretary K Prahlad

Rtn A K Nandwani

Rtn Suman Doval

Rtn Arun Sharda

Rtn Subhash Khanna

Rtn Anil Narula

Rtn Rakesh Diwan

Rtn Ram Chawla

Rtn Saroj Chawla

Rtn Alok Varshney

Rtn Seema Varshney

Rtn Madhu Gupta

Rotary Club of Delhi Shine

Rtn Ankit

Rtn Shoeb Akhtar

Rtn Manish

From Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj

Ms. Deepti Vohra, Principal

Ms. Malini. K. Sengupta, Headmistress

Ms.Mamta Narula, Headmistress

Ms. Adita Saxena, teacher-in-charge

Ms. Nandita

Ms. Anju



Aviral Tomar-X E
Dakshata Dua-X D
Garima Chhabra-X A
Rishita Sehgal-X B
Riya Roy- XI H
Varun Joshi- XI G
Chaitanya Kaushik- XI D
Yashaswini Singh- XI I
Nandini- XII K
Daksh- X A

Anishka- X A