The new academic session 2020-21 has commenced amidst unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19. However as always, the dissemination of knowledge remains our noblest pursuit.

Till further updates and relevant guidelines are received from the competent government authorities, the following scheme of studies is to be followed for Classes VI to VIII.

Term 1 and Term 2

(100 Marks)
10 Marks Monday Test +
5 Marks Notebook Submissions +
5 Marks Subject Enrichment Activity +
80 Marks for Term End Exam


(100 Marks)
Term 1 (50 Marks) + Term 2 (50 Marks)

Notebook Submission : This will assess : Regularity, Assignment Completion, Neatness and Upkeep of Notebook.

Subject Enrichment Activities : These subject specific activities are aimed at enhancing the understanding and skills of the students. These activities will be conducted throughout the year and shall be evaluated at the term end. To develop effective speaking and listening skills in language, activities such as recitation, role play, declamation, picture reading and debate shall be carried out. Hands-on activities, Lab work and Project work shall be conducted in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Co-Scholastic Activities : For the holistic development of the students, the students shall be graded in Work Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Health and Physical Education. Aspects such as regularity, sincere participation, output and teamwork shall be the criteria for grading the co-scholastic activities.

Discipline : The students will be graded term wise for discipline, based on factors such as attendance, sincerity, behaviour and values. 

Report Card : The Report card, at the conclusion of each term will reflect marks for each subject.


We appreciate, wholeheartedly, your unstinted support and look forward to receiving the same always, as we proceed with yet another enriching and fruitful year.