Maths Week - 2023



Maths week in the ongoing session, 2023-24 commenced on 16th May and lasted for three days till 18th May .Children of class 3, 4 and 5 participated whole heartedly in various Maths based fun activities and indoor games. Class 3 thoroughly enjoyed themselves drawing different fruits from numbers in ‘Fruity Number Salad’ and applied the mathematical operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication learnt so far in the game of ‘Tambola’. Class 4 tried their hands on making the given shape using tangrams in ‘Tangy Tangrams’ on day 1 and had fun dressing up as and speaking about their favourite mathematician in ‘Know your mathematician’ on day 2. Class 5 enjoyed playing the game ‘Number Scrabble’ on the first day and equally enjoyed displaying their creative streak in the intra class competition ‘Delicious Shapes’ on the second day. The Maths week culminated in a movie extravaganza for the kids in the Multi Purpose Hall which was thoroughly enjoyed by children and teachers alike.