Workshops 2023-24

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“Metacognition is more than simple reflection; it’s an internal dialogue between the self as a thinker and the self as a learner.  -Teresa Diaz

A workshop on "Differentiation and Metacognition with Cambridge" was organized by Cambridge on 16th September, 2023 at DAV Public School,  Pushpanjali Enclave, Pitampura. Various schools from across the country attended the workshop. From DPS Vasant Kunj, it was attended by Ms. Smriti Nayyar and Ms. Aashna Virmani.

Ms. Kavita Sanghvi, an accomplished educator with an impressive academic background, was the eminent speaker of the workshop. She holds a Master’s Degree in Physics, Education, and Philosophy of Education, as well as a CAEL Diploma from Harvard University. Additionally, she has contributed to teacher resources for Cambridge IGCSE Physics and edited a comic book on Global Goals. Her commitment to education and sustainability is reflected in her career.

The workshop started with the welcoming of the school principal of D.A.V Public School, Ms. Rashmi Raj Biswal, and the North Region Area manager at Cambridge University, Ms. Prabhjot Kaur, by their school’s Cambridge Coordinator Ms. Jyotsna Kumar. They shared their experiences of taking forward the Cambridge curriculum in their school for the last 6-7 years, and gave a glimpses of the activities and achievements such as creating various corners and centers in the class. Furthermore, the attendees were introduced to the Calming Corners for the kids and teachers.

The workshop focused on the various learning outcomes, including:

• Improving understanding of metacognition.

• Considering the use of a range of metacognitive strategies to support learning.

• Reflecting on how to use CUP resources in a metacognitive way in classrooms.

An icebreaker activity was conducted to assess the previous understanding of Metacognition in different groups using various science activities. Many activities were conducted in groups, pairs and individually followed by a common forum presentation to develop the understanding of Metacognition knowledge, regulation, benefits, steps, role as a metacognitive learner, metacognitive approaches, metacognitive talk, learner’s well-being, differentiation, goals of a differentiated classroom and scaffolding support.

The workshop concluded with an exit ticket activity, wherein participants reflected on three things they learned, two things they would like to know more about, and one thing they think is the key to implementing effective differentiation. It was an enriching experience for all the educators. 


DPSS - HRDC Webinar on ‘Introduction to Sign Language’

DPSS - HRDC organized a webinar on ‘Introduction to Sign Language’ on Thursday, 17th August, 2023. Dr. Melissa G. Wallang, Associate Professor in Linguistics, Department of Education in Language and Social Sciences, NCERT, North East Regional Institute of Education, Shillong was the resource person of the workshop. Around 100 teachers from various schools under DPSS attended the webinar. From DPS Vasant Kunj, it was attended by Ms. Boski Sharma.

The main objective of the workshop was to understand about the Sign Language-its meaning, types and usage in schools. The resource person explained the topic very well by covering various issues like the meaning of language, speech and sign language, discrete elements in languages, the basic units of language, types of signs, ISL (Indian Sign Language), ASL(American Sign Language), usage of location, hand shape and movement in Sign language, etc. in great detail. She also apprised the attendees of the various common sign languages-alphabet, basic signs for common words and emotions.

The webinar was an enriching experience for all the participants as it helped them to understand the usage of sign language, benefits of using it with children with hearing disability. It also helped them to understand the possible ways they can learn  and help in intervention that can work with children with disabilities-specially with those with speech and language disorders.



Addressing Diversity and Inclusion Through Stories

The Delhi Public School Society,Human Resource Development Centre, organised a webinar for the teachers on the topic- Addressing Diversity  and Inclusion Through Stories on 7th August ,2023. It was attended by the  Special Educator-Counsellor, Ms. Surpreet Oberoi. The webinar began with a key note address by Ms. Vanita Sehgal, Executive Director, DPSS, HRD. It was followed by  the  introduction of  the Resource Person, Dr. Dimple Rangilla , Assisstant Professor, Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi.

Dr Dimple Rangilla commenced her session  by speaking about the diversity  in a classroom and uniqueness  of  each  child.   She further explained how story telling can be used as an important methodology in explaining the complex topic of Inclusive Education and how circle time can be utilized to make the children understand the requirements of children with special needs.  She explicated  the topic by taking the examples from different  stories and easily conveyed the various issues such as empathy, social skills, mental health to the attendees.

It was an informative and interesting session as Dr. Rangilla kept the participants occupied  through her art of story telling. 



Capacity Building Programme on – ‘Happy Classroom’



An interactive workshop on Capacity Building Programme on – ‘Happy Classroom’ was organised by CBSE, Centre of Excellence for Teachers’ (COE) on 22nd July 2023, at Bal Bhavan International School, Dwarka. Dr Manisha Sharma, Principal, Venkateswar International School, and Dr Nishi Sehrawat Phogat, Academic Consultant and Teacher Facilitator at CBSE, Delhi Government, were the facilitators. It was attended by approximately 50 teachers from different schools. From the junior school, it was attended by Mrs. Nandita Yadav.

Various topics such as - Ways to Foster Happiness in Classrooms, Why Do Children Misbehave in the Class and Experiential Learning were discussed in the workshop. Different innovative and collaborative activities were also discussed and talked about.

A hand-out on ‘Teacher’s Toolkit for Emotional Intelligence Regulation’ was also given to all the participants which focuses on ‘Code of Professional Conduct’ which should  be followed by teachers in school.

It was an interesting and informative session and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants. 




  A training session for Cambridge Early Years educators was organized on 17th & 18th July’23 in Summer Fields International, Greater Kailash, Delhi.

Thirteen members from all over India including heads and faculty members of different organizations attended the training session. Arpita Nigam and Aashna Virmani from D.P.S Vasant Kunj attended the training session. Ms. Sharon and Ms. Rini were the trainers for the training. The training aimed to familiarise the teachers with Cambridge Early Years Programme and its implementation.


It started with a tour of the school support hub and teaching resources available on the platform. Curriculum development was an integral aspect of the training. Participants got an opportunity to learn about early years pedagogies. The exchange of ideas with each other provided a global understanding of how the Cambridge curriculum works. Active learning and play-based approach were elaborated through prompts and situational-based questions. 12 key principles which form the foundations of the Cambridge curriculum were highlighted with illustrations. 

 Day 2 

It began with exploring Early Years pedagogy, metacognition, self-regulation, and the advantages of the multi-lingual approach to children’s cognitive development. This was followed by assessment guidance to assess the children during teaching-learning activities with different techniques. We experienced a range of teaching ideas and resources through several brainstorming sessions in between. Through various group discussions and games, we shared teaching practices and activities with other Cambridge Early Years Practitioners.

 It was a detailed, insightful and interactive training session. The platform served as an excellent way to learn and deepen our understanding for better execution of the Cambridge curriculum. It was an enriching experience.



Best Education Brands

A seminar was held on 29th June ,2023 at Hyatt Regency to analyse the journey of India’s education system and the best Education brands. It was conceptualised and executed by ET EDGE. The seminar was attended by a number of educationists, school principals, and industry professionals to discuss and explore the current trends, challenges and best practices in the education sector. The seminar focussed on identifying and recognising the leading education brands that have made significant contribution to the field. Ms. Meenakshi Malhotra from the Junior School attended the seminar.

The seminar began with a keynote address by Prof. TG Sitaram, Chairman AICTE, who discussed on “the future for imparting Digital Literacy at the Hinterland” and “the importance of choosing the right school for a child’s education.” He highlighted the need to look for schools that provide quality education, have a good infrastructure, and have a good reputation.

The seminar then moved on to a panel discussion on “From Nalanda to NEP,2020”, and how it has undergone a change over the years. The session delved into the evolution of Indian education system and the current challenges, the strategies and challenges associated with building a strong education brand. The panelists discussed the various factors that should be considered while choosing a school, such as the curriculum, the faculty, the facilities, and the extracurricular activities. …

The highlight of the seminar was the awards ceremony, where the best education brands were recognised and honoured for their outstanding achievements. Over 1000 schools were surveyed based on various criteria’s including academic excellence, innovation and community impact out of which 200 were shortlisted. DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, VASANT KUNJ bagged the trophy in “the best education brand “category.

The seminar served as an excellent platform to come together, exchange ideas and learn ultimately contributing to the improvement of educational practices and the growth of the education industry.





Handling Challenging Behaviours in Classrooms

Mrs. Surpreet Oberoi,the junior school counsellor, conducted a workshop on -' Handling Challenging Behaviours in Classrooms', for the teachers of Classes Nursery-III from 22nd May to 25th May,2023.These were interactive sessions wherein teachers discussed about the students with specific learning/behaviour issues in  the classroom. Handling strategies were devised in the brain storming sessions. Checklist, handout and lists of names of students needing special attention were also shared by the school counsellor. The sessions were informative and welll appreciated. 





 ECE workshop  for teachers teaching classes Nur-I , was conducted  by Ms. Jasmine Narang on 24th May'23 to brief everyone about the seminar she had attended at HRDC organised by the DPSS from 7th May to 16th May. The workshop aimed at bringing innovative methods of teaching-learning into the classroom such as  foundational literacy, numeracy and experiencial learning. Play way methods  of teaching, learning and games were also demonstrated in the workshop.

It was an informative and interesting workshop. 



HT Workshop

In order to create awareness about the harmful effects of eating junk food, the Hindustan Times under the NIE programme had organized a workshop for the students of Class IV on 11th May, 2023 in the Mini Audi. The workshop was held on ‘Long term effects of eating unhealthy food in young age’ and was conducted by Ms. Komal Soni from Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd. The speaker conducted the session in a very systematic manner highlighting the functioning of the digestive system and how eating too much of junk adversely affects it. A short presentation and movie too was shown emphasizing how beneficial probiotics are and the need to incorporate them in one’s diet. The students attended the workshop with utmost sincerity and enthusiasm. Overall, the workshop was a very interactive one. 



TOI Workshop

 It is said that ' Newspapers are the world's mirrors'.To inculcate love for reading and to develop interest in newpaper reading, The Times Of India under the NIE programme had organized a  workshop for the students of Class V on 3rd May, 2023 in the mini auditorium. The workshop was held on 'The Usage of Newpapers' and was conducted by Ms. Vandana Tandon. The students attended the workshop with great sincerity and happiness.Ms. Vandana gave the students an insight of the students' edition of the newspaper by navigating them through it page by page. She told them about the correct and convenient way of handling a newpaper.Also,she played various interesting vocabulary games which the children enjoyed the most. Overall, the workshop was quite interactive and helped the students learn how to use a newpaper more effectively. 





A webinar was held for all the teachers under the Cambridge Curriculum Programme of DPS,Vasant Kunj on 2nd May,2023.

Ms Rebecca Watkins-Wright,Curriculum Development Manager ,gave an introduction to Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Global Perspectives programme that offers a fexible and choice-based structured framework to help learners develop six global perspective skills for everyday life so that they are able to explore sensitive issues like air pollution,greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel by collaboration research,analysis and evaluation. Cambride Trainer and Author, Dawn Harris, gave a detailed guidance on how to build on a Cambridge Global Perspective Project idea using the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals  so that the learners feel confident talking about global issues and sustainability.

Real-life examples were also shared from a school where they are using the Cambridge Global Perspectives Challenges to promote sustainanbility,featuring Education Specialist Kiran Nellure.Some of the aspects discussed were terrace farming,energy saving steps at schools,appointing sustainability leaders,rewarding the classes that save the most energy,not using plastic bags,reusing paper, switching off the lights when not in use,efficient disposal of waste etc. It was an enriching experience for all the attendees. 


CBSE conducted a workshop on Capacity Building Program on Learning outcomes and Pedagogies on 26th April, 2023 at St.Thomas School, Dwarka. The resource persons were Dr Sandeep Kumar and Moninder Pal Kaur.  It was attended by Ms. Rohini Parmar along with 30 teachers from different schools.

 The workshop emphasised that learning outcomes have to decided clearly before the teaching learning process begins. Teaching Learning Cycle can be used for any content area in which the goal is to create a motivational learning context in which students are actively engaged in exploring , discussing and synthesising information. The Teaching Learning Cycle approach to instructional planning capitalises on what is known about how people learn and is designed to cause lasting changes in a student’s conceptual understanding. Each step in a learning cycle serves a different purpose and incorporates specially structured activities. What makes this type of lesson format particularly effective is its emphasis on active engagement of the learner and that it requires students to explore their prior understanding as they encounter new material.

 The workshop was an enriching experience for all the attendees.




CBSE conducted a workshop on Capacity Building Programme on Art Integration on 22nd April 2023 at St. Martin's Diocesan School Delhi Cantt. Dr. Nishi Phogat and Ms. Vandana were the resource persons. It was attended by Ms. Kiran Balyan along with 40 teachers from different schools.

The workshop emphasised on how to integrate Art in curriculum through experiential learning. The resource persons apprised the participants of the meaning of Arts, the difference between visual arts and performing arts and why art should be integrated with other subjects. Various activities such as visiting card making, to copy a picture and dance, were conducted to show how different art forms can be used in teaching.

They emphasized that art, music and dance teachers should be involved while making curriculum for art integration in teaching any subject. The speakers threw a light on experiential learning using different art forms in different subjects.

It was an enriching experience for all the attendees.




Session – 2023-24

Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj organised the Orientation for Class 3 on 18th April, 2023 (Tuesday) at 7.45 the Multipurpose Hall. The Head Mistress, Ms. Malini Sen Gupta warmly welcomed the parents and assured them the school's commitment in ensuring their child's growth and development. The goal of the orientation programme was to  acquaint the parents about the school rules and regulations, academic standards, assessment  patterns, house system, Co Curricular activities etc. which was very effectively done by the rep of Class 3, Ms. Sapna Gandhi. The parents cooperation in the holistic development of the child was stressed upon. The orientation  programme ended with the vote of  thanks given by the Jr. School Supervisor Ms. Meenakshi Malhotra.





Key Pedagogies under pinning the New Cambridge Resources

A workshop on “ Key Pedagogies under pinning the New Cambridge Resources “ was held at DPS Dwarka on 1st April,Saturday and attended by six teachers from DPS,Vasant Kunj, who are getting trained for the Cambridge Curriculum –  Ms Nidhi Gupta,Ms  Ritu Arora,Ms Anchal Trehan, Ms Sonal Chopra,Ms Mahima and Ms Ibtesham. The resource  person was Ms Achama Mathew,Specialist  in Curriculum  Design -Planning and Implementation, Teacher training and Special Educational  needs.

A detailed,insightful and interactive session talked about the intricately designed Cambridge  curriculum and took us through the following :

Progression  chart for CAIE

PLS Primary level subjects 

Skills to be developed  in learners

Teacher skills required

Strands and sub strands for English,Maths and Science

Approaches to Cambridge  teaching

Metacognition strategy

Differentiation and Assessment 

Lesson plan and objectives 

Cambridge  support hub 

The workshop concluded with a question-answer session  and warm appreciation for all the ones getting trained to implement  the Cambridge  curriculum  in their respective  schools.





Session – 2023-24

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.”

-George Evans

Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj organized the Orientation Session for Class Nursery on 6th April, 2023 i.e. Thursday at the Multi-Purpose Hall from 8:30 am onwards. The parents were shown the glimpse of the school through PowerPoint presentation to make them familiar with the school’s infrastructure and functioning of the school.

The orientation session began with the welcome address by the school Principal Ms. Deepti Vohra followed by the insights shared by the school Headmistress Ms. Malini K. Sengupta. Junior school supervisors Ms. Nandita Yadav and Ms  Meenakshi Malhotra as well as Nursery teachers were introduced to the parents.

The Nursery reps Ms. Ritu Arora and Ms. Gitika Sehgal gave a presentation illustrating the functioning of class Nursery. The presentation included the school timings, lunch break, school activities, bus routes, mode of dispersal, etc.

Following this, the school counsellor Ms. Surpreet Oberoi sensitized the parents regarding the inclusive classrooms and students with special needs, separation anxiety, toilet training etc.