Workshop 2022-23


 Sensitizing Teachers About Vocational Education

DPSS - HRDC organized a webinar on ‘Sensitizing teachers about Vocational Education’ on Thursday, 19th May 2022. Ms. Madhuri Dubey, Founder, National Skills Network, Bangalore was the resource person of the workshop. Around 100 teachers from various branches of DPS attended the webinar. From the junior school, it was attended by Ms. Boski Sharma.

The main objective of the workshop was to understand about vocational education. The resource person apprised the attendees about the following in detail- Key stakeholders for vocational education, Importance of vocational training, 5 E’s of ecosystem, challenges faced, vocational skills in India, role of the industries in making it a success and NSQF and credit framework. She also shared how it is an inclusive and integrated model with reference to NEP 2020 and skill courses offered by CBSE, that a school can easily start training the teachers for short term vocational courses, offered by various organisations in India.

The webinar was an enriching experience for all the participants as it helped them understand that vocational training cannot just be one option for a low achiever/ or a child from a certain economy background, instead, it can help everyone, open new career opportunities and self-development for all.



“ Teachers Truly Shape The Future of Our Children And Therefore,  The Future Of Our Nation”

Off all the different factors which influence the quality of education and its contribution to national development , the quality , competence and character of teachers are undoubtedly the most significant. To apprise  the teachers of their role with special reference to NEP 2020 , in educational management , an online webinar was organised by the DPSS-HRDC on 20th May , 2022.It was conducted by Ms. Vineeta Sirohi, professor at National Institute of Educationa Planning and Administration (NIEPA). From the junior school , it was attended by Ms. Meenakshi Malhotra.

The webinar emphasised that the aim of education is not only cognitive development , but also building character and creating holistic and well- rounded individuals equipped with the key 21st century skills.It was an enriching and insightful webinar.



Taining in Effective Communication Skill

Communication skill is the ability to convey and share information to others in an efficacious way. To apprise the teachers of the importance of communication skills, a webinar was organized by the DPSS-HRDC on 11th and 12th May, 2022. Around 200 teachers from various branches of DPS all over India participated in the webinar. From the junior school, it was attended by Ms. Tanika Vasudeva. The topic of the webinar was- Training in Effective Communication Skills.  It was conducted by Ms. Preeti Ranjan Saha and Mr. A.V. Santosh, Trainers, Princeton Academy, Mumbai. The emphasis was laid on the importance of effective communication skills. It was followed by a detailed discussion on the 8C’s of communication.

 Day 2 of the webinar laid emphasis on the effective ways of communication, the basic emotions and strategies to manage emotions and how the teachers need to be not only good educators, but great mentors. It was an enriching and insightful webinar.



Online Training Sessions Technology Inclusive Classrooms Using IBM Skills Built

 Delhi public school society human resource development centre conducted on online training sessions on the topic technology inclusive classrooms using IBM skills build. It was a three day series of webinars from 4th May 2022 to 6 may 2022 covering the topics orientation to technology day one power of application development day to and emerging technology day 3. MS Vandana Sharma from junior school attended the winners. The sessions were very informative and give an inside on a plethora of options that can be used for including technology in our classrooms for a productive teaching learning experience.



Orientation Programme Class Nursery Session 2022-23

The Orientation programme for the parents of class Nursery, session 2022- 23 was held on 6th and 7th April 2022 in the mini auditorium in the ‘D’ block. The programme was conducted in 2 batches. First set of the parents attended the session on 6th April 2022, Wednesday and the other half attended on 7th April 2022, Thursday from 8.30am to 9.30am on both days. The programme commenced with a formal welcome by our school Principal, Mrs Bindu Sehgal ma’am. It was followed by the introduction of the class teacher by the Vice Principal, Mrs Hemalatha Murlidharan ma’am. She also spoke about the important aspects related to the functioning of our school. Later the school counsellor Mrs Surpreet Oberoi, shared a few points to help parents prepare their child for formal school. Lastly, the session concluded with answering the queries of the parents. The parents were then directed towards the ‘C’ Block, to meet the respective class teachers.