Under the aegis of the D.P.S. Society, the CEECwas formed at D.P.S. Vasant Kunj in the year of its establishment, 1994.Later, a Water Harvesting Unit was set up in our school premises which was inaugurated by our Chief Minister, Ms. Sheila Dixit on 11th October 2002.

CEEC began with a few members who got together in their efforts to save the environment. Today, the CEEC comprises of more than 100 active members. The core team consists of executive and senior members who have been active for over 5 years. The members are awarded certificates of active participation at the end of each academic year.

Over the years, our dedicated and enthusiastic team of students have actively participated in several environment-related events and programmes in and outside school. They have closely worked with organizations of repute such as TERI, DA, INTACH, WWF, Toxic Links, Swecha, Inayat, Chintan and ‘Kids for Tigers’. The students have also participated in the S.E.A.R.C.H. program, which involves recycling tetra packs, with T.E.R.I. Along with this, our school has organised the Global Science Olympiad and the Green Olympiad whose aim is to create awareness for environment amongst the students.

The CEEC has been conducting air monitoring workshops every year to check the pollution levels before and after Diwali. Along with this, anti-cracker campaigns are carried out.

Pre and post monsoon water monitoring also takes place each year. A herbal garden has been set up where several plants of medicinal value are being grown and maintained. Other CEEC activities carried out through the yearinclude tree plantation, promotion of herbal colours on Holi, Water Treatment and Waste management.