The activity of solving twisty puzzles, commonly known as ‘cubing’, has gained great importance over the years. Cubing can have immense benefits such as improving one’s memory, problem solving skills, speed, reflexes, and above all, it is great fun. This activity has gradually become competitive at the national and international levels. In the Academic Year 2021-22, Viraj Uday Singh (Class-10) and Akshit Gohain (Class-11) under the guidance of Ms. Gayatri Chowhan and Mr. Dushyant Sharma, proposed setting up a students’ club to promote cubing, sharing the techniques of cubing among interested students and preparing for competitive cubing. The school administration, always receptive to student enrichment and development proposals, promptly approved the same. This laid the foundation of ‘The Sune – The Cubing Club of DPS Vasant Kunj’. 
The Club aims to introduce students to the world of twisty puzzles, the most famous of which is the Rubik's cube. Its purpose is to create an environment where students have fun together in a friendly setting, can help each other, and enjoy exploring the possibilities of the cube; through such an alliance, we hope to enhance students’ interpersonal skills. The Cubing Club will provide brisk, brilliant, and bold young minds with a platform for improving their memory and motor skills, problem-solving abilities, developing their cognitive capabilities, and sharpening their intellect through the art of cubing. 
All students can join the Club as it will be a platform for teaching beginners. Each year, core members will be chosen from the members of the Club through an intra-school competition. To make the Club's functioning more efficient, there are four categories of memberships namely, Members, Core Members, Vice President, and President. 
Activities of the club include hosting 2 intra school competitions annually - the first aims to recruit core members by assessing cubers on their ability to solve the 3x3 rubik's cube, the second which aims to assess a wider scale of abilities by inculcating different kinds of twisty puzzles. 
In addition to this the club has also hosted - 
Cubathon '22 and Cubathon '23 , an NCR wide interschool cubing competition in collaboration with code warriors.