DPS Vasant Kunj Chess Club
“Chess is not always about winning. Sometimes it’s simply about learning and so is life.”


The chess club is the latest addition to various extra-curricular activities promoted at our school. It was started during the COVID-19 pandemic at the end of 2021, during which most activities and sports were abandoned, but chess by virtue of its huge online base, flourished. Shreyan Deo of class 10G (currently 12A), under the mentorship and guidance of Sh. R.N Sharma proposed to start a chess club in the school to benefit the children to exercise their brain positively and identify budding talent.

Chess Club Presidents 2023-24: Pranay Garg & Rehan Taneja

Chess Club Vice-Presidents 2023-24: Aniruddh Goswami & Shudhit Rakshit


The club provides a platform to chess enthusiasts to enhance their understanding of the game by conducting monthly chess tournaments and sharing knowledge through our weekly classes and practice sessions held through online platforms such as Lichess and google meet. The club has both a Whatsapp group and a discord server to communicate with the children and share recordings of the classes they might have missed.


The club holds yearly intraschool chess competitions to recruit young chess enthusiasts to participate in interschool competitions.


The club comprises several FIDE-rated players (international rating system) and state and district champions who always bring honour to the school. Since the opening of the club, many players have also gained a FIDE Rating, and continue to participate in state, national and international events.


The following are the tournaments the Chess Club has participated in and their respective position in the event:



Position Held


CBSE Central Zone Under 11 Chess Tournament 2022



CBSE Central Zone Under 14 Chess Tournament 2022



CBSE Central Zone Under 11 Chess Tournament 2022



SFS Interschool Chess Tournament 2023 Classes 1-3



SFS Interschool Chess Tournament 2023 Classes 4-5



SFS Interschool Chess Tournament 2023 Classes 6-8



SFS Interschool Chess Tournament 2023 Classes 9-12



Inter DPS National Chess Tournament 2023


Some of the achievements of the individual club members are:

Shreyan Deo

1) 1294 FIDE rapid rating, 1230 FIDE classical rating

 2) Best Unrated in 1st Chandrashekhar Azad Memorial tournament, Madhya Pradesh

3) Participated in various National level tournaments

4) 2300+ Rapid rating on Lichess


Pranay Garg

1) 1451 FIDE Classical Rating, 1351 FIDE Rapid Rating

2) District SGFI champion

3) CBSE zonal champion

4) 3rd prize in below 1600 category in KIT international tournament category B

5) SGFI team state champion

6) 3rd prize in DCA below 1600 Below 1200 category

7) 2nd prize in Sonepat open Fide rated tournament under 1400 category   

Ayaan Chawla

1) 1124 FIDE Classical Rating

2) Won a gold medal and 5th position in 5th Young Learners Chess Championship held on 21st June 2019

3) Won 2 gold medals in Blitz and normal category in IGSF Chess Tournament held on 27th July 2019

4) Won trophy and 1st position in Under 10 category in Chess tournament by Vaan Academy in association with IGSF on 18th August 2019

Abhibhav Kumar

1) 1096 FIDE Classical rating, 1132 FIDE Rapid Rating and 1174 FIDE Blitz Rating

2) Earned the title of Arena FIDE Master

3) 6th in All Faridabad Chess Association Chess Tournament Blitz 2023

Raghav Gupta

1) Delhi state under 13 rank 54

2) Under 19 dps Nationals rank 9

3) Under 19summer fields school individual rank 1