Patriotic Week

The Junior School celebrated Patriotic Week from 8th August, 2016 to 12th August, 2016. To instill the patriotic fervour among the students, a plethora of activities were organised for the students of Classes Nursery to V.
The students of classes I and II participated in the Quiz on My India. Dress Me UP  as Freedom Fighters and States of India activities were organised for the students of Class Nursery. The students of Class Prep recited the poems and sang Patriotic songs. 
Patriotic  movie, ‘I am Kalam’ was shown to the students of Classes III and IV which filled everyone with the feeling of great pride and respect for the country.
Kite Flying Activity was organised for the students of Classes II to V. Parents were invited to fly the kites with children and experienced the freedom and peace for the country. 
Inter House Dance and Song Competitions which were performed by the students of Classes IV and V brought smiles on everyone’s face and filled the audience with  the feeling of pride for their nation.
Various activities like poster making, Badge Making, Collage Making Stippling in Portrait, Recitation, Fancy Dress, were organised to experience the freedom, peace and Unity in Diversity.
A special workshop on Kite Making was conducted by NIE for the students of Class V which was enjoyed by the students as well as the teachers. 
It was a week of joy, a week to love and respect our country and making it secure and happy in every way.