Orientation Program for Parents of Class XII Students

                Venue              :               D Block Mini Auditorium
                Day and Date     :               8 to 9 am  on 25.3.2015, 27.3.2015 and 1.4.2015
                Conducted by    :               Ms Archana Malik, Mr Vivek and Dr Shalini Prasad
Orientation Programme Class XII
An orientation program of one hour for parents of class XII students was conducted over three days with different groups. around 200 parents attended the program. Following points were taken up with the parents during the session.
1.      Discipline- mobile phones, uniform, haircut etc and school guidelines given in the almanac.
2.      Attendance
3.      Schedule of Monday Test, Terminal Examinations, Pre Board s and Retest.
4.      Information regarding additional subject.
5.      Information about admissions in foreign universities.
6.      Deadlines  of project work and syllabus completion was also given.
7.      CBSE provisions for students of special needs.

Parents found the program very informative and useful. they also deliberated on many issues and gave suggestion. they appreciated the interaction initiative taken by the school. Some of the  suggestions/ issues from the parents are as follows.
1.      Some school buses are without supervision and drivers change very frequently. phone no's of drivers to be provided.
2.      To allow phone for communication with their ward after school.
3.      Some suggested only one pre board exam to allow more study time.
4.      They asked for more information to be put up on website like paper distribution dates, phone no's of drivers, etc.
5.      Lowering the level of difficulty level of school papers.
6.      Orientation program for students also.