Maths Week


Mathematics week was organised at DPS VasantKunj from 16 Dec 2014 to 22 Dec 2014 to commemorate the birth anniversary of the eminent mathematician Sh. SrinivasaRamanujan who has made a significant contribution in the development of modern mathematics.

Various competitions such as Essay writing competition for classes 9 and 10; Origami and Poster making competition for classes 3 to 5; Mathematics Quiz for classes 6 to 8 were organised. To sensitize the students regarding the life history of Sh. Ramanujan and his contribution in the field of mathematics, a film on the life of Sh. Ramanujan was shown to the students.

A prize winning mathematics project in an inter school competition “Mathematics in Saving Lives" was shown to the students to make them aware of the interdisciplinary and innovative techniques.

An eminent mathematician, Dr. M.L. Aggarwal who has authored various math books, was invited for a talk on the life of Sh Ramanujan and other topics of school mathematics. He emphasised on how simple mathematics can be, if understood well. He also talked about how to simplify the learning of most abstract topics such as relations and functions of school mathematics

The celebration of the week concluded with the prize distribution ceremony.

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