Janmashtami Assembly held by Class Prep on 24th August,2016.

Positivity,enthusiasm and devotion pervaded the entire C-Block  today when Class Prep celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna in a colourful and fun-filled assembly.About 95 children took part in it.Little Krishnas and Radhas ,beautifully dressed,looked like they have just descended from the heavenly abode.'Choti Choti Gayiya, the song,mesmerized the audience as they clapped and sang along.Aesthetically choreographed and confidently executed,the 'Ras Leela' enthralled one and all.The Principal,Mrs Bindu Sehgal and the Senior Mistress, Mrs Geetika Bahl,encouraged and appreciated the efforts put in by the students and the teachers. Last but not the least,'Hari Bol Hari,an icing on the cake,left the audience spellbound!