Digi Quest - 2016

Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, Junior wing organised Computer Day  Digi Quest, held on Monday, 25th April, 2016. It was an effort to reach out to all the students across classes III, IV and V through the activities planned for the day. 
Class III
The Tux Paint competition in the Multimedia Lab encouraged young talent to show their dexterity and expertise on the given topic in Tux Paint. 
Digi Quiz 
A written computer quiz was held in the classrooms on the topics which were given much in advance. 
Class IV
Collage Making Competiton on ‘Google Product’. 
The collage making competition was driven by students’ originality, ingenuity, creativity and innovation where in the children showcased  their incredible out of the box thinking and knowledge about Google products of  technology in designing their collage. True dedication and keen interest was manifested in this competition. 
Class V
Class V created an advertisement of an IT product on MS-Word. They interwove novel ideas with the latest things that they see around them. They put together a vision with an element of humour and created it on MS-Word. 
Quiz Quest
Quiz Quest was held within the classroom the topics covered wide array of subject matter like IT personalities, IT company logos etc. 
The Computer Day - 2016 was an astounding success as it was well appreciated by students and esteemed judges.