Charu Agrawal - Commerce 96.6%

Question 1.   Were you expecting such a phenomenal score in your class 12 boards? 
Ans. Yes, I certainly was because I had work hard and I know my hard work will pay off.
Question 2.   Whom /what do you attribute your success to?
Ans. Being far away from home (in hostel) my teachers especially the entire commerce department motivates and helped me and provides me unconditional guidance and support. Also my parents who believed that I can and God who made that happened.
Question 3.   What was your plan of action as schedule for preparation during the exams?
Ans.: There was no specific plan as it is but the consistency and dedication were the most important tools. It helped me to focus on my weak points during the final examination rather than being tensed about the entire syllabus.
Question 4.   Most students absent themselves from school to attend coaching classes- do you think this is the right approach?
Ans.:. According to me, this is not. School teachers are well acknowledged with latest patterns and syllabus. Under regular guidance of my teachers, I haven’t myself felt any need to attend any coaching classes.
Question 5.   In what ways do you think your school has helped you?
Ans.: DPS Vasant Kunj not only provide me with a chance to interact among the best faculty and brilliant minds but also provide me with a good atmosphere to study and work hard (in hostel)
Question 6.   What are your plans for the future?
Ans.: I plan to pursue B.Com (Hons) degree from reputed college of Delhi University. Eventually my ultimate goal is to become a CFA
Question 7.   Needless to say you are role model for the students. what message would you like to convey to the young aspirants who are yet to appear for the class 12 board examinations?
Ans.:  I think anyone who is aspiring for a good result in the boards must work hard from day one and try to enjoy the study rather than feeling tensed or stressed of class 12 board examinations.